Capacity and Certification

The management and the professional staff have many years of experience from close cooperation with the leading international brand-owners regarding product development and adaption of product concepts.
Our plant is established as per the EU standard in the land area of thirty thousand square feet, clubbed with the certification of HACCP SGS Gulf, UAE.
We have a processing capacity of 40 tons per day with a cold storage capacity of 1000 tons and 30 tons chiller room. Also equipped with flake ice unit which produces 5 tons of ice per day.

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  • Quality AssuranceBLUE MARINE FISHERIES makes continuous improvements to ensure top quality products. Fish and seafood are handled with great care, from fresh catch procurement to processing and we make great effort to secure op timal use of raw material.

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  • Daily quality controlThe daily control involves monitoring the handling of raw mater ials from reception to the finished product until safe and secure transportation. Every process is closely supervised, with a particular focus on food safety.

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  • Thoughtful continuous developmentOur quality assurance is subject to thoughtful continuous development and shall at all times meet the requirements of UAE, the authorities and our customers. Our employees are trained to have constant focus on quality and food safety at all times.

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  • Transparency and TraceabilityBLUE MARINE FISHERIES guarantees full traceability for all products. No matter where a product is found in the value chain, we are able to trace it back to catch area, production facility and time of production. Several of our processing facilities meet the requirements UAE authorities and HACCP.


Our strengths lies in our expertise related to processing of different varieties of fish and in-depth understanding of the international markets and product development.

Blue Marine Fisheries takes great pride in marketing optimal usage of raw materials, ensuring minimal waste. If you are interested in purchasing our products please contact our sales offices;

Contact information:
Mr.Vargese Surling
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